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I am a writer of songs and instrumental cues for Film and Television. I work with several publishers and music libraries across the world and have had my music placed in movies and television shows. I write in a variety of musical styles and genres. Here is an instrumental that is signed by a music library in New Zealand. It’s a Chillwave cue entitled “Chill Pill”

I also collaborate with several people. Collaboration gives you a different perspective on the music you are creating. It opens your mind to a fresh set of eyes and ears to help mold the project you are working on. Here is a Cuban instrumental done with Alexander Fox out of Miami entitled “Cuban Travel.” This was placed in an episode of the HBO show Vice season 5 episode 9.

Then there is a solo classical guitar piece that I wrote and have signed with a publisher entitled En Al Fuego. It shows my instrumental abilities and musicianship as a soloist. I played classical guitar at Florissant Valley Community College in St. Louis and fell in love with it many years ago.

Finally here are a couple of tension cues that you can hear in the background of crime shows and suspenseful movies. This is “Homeland” and “Intense Focus”.

Thank you for stopping by and listening. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me through my music.