Bob Lograsso Music


Hello and welcome to Bob LoGrasso Music. I have been playing, singing, writing, recording, composing, teaching and performing for over 44 years.

I have played in the St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas for many years and have performed with some talented musicians.

In the last few years I have embarked on a career of writing for Television and Film. It’s been a long hard struggle that is starting to pay off.

There is nothing like creating music. To take a few notes or chords and turn them into something that moves people is a talent that not everyone has.

I am looking forward to sharing my music with all of you. Bob LoGrasso Music will be a place that people can visit to see and hear what I do.

I believe in creativity and the freedom to express yourself. Music has been my life and passion. It’s something I can’t live without.

I was influenced by my mother who had an amazing voice. She instilled in me the love of music that I cherish every day.

This is a tribute to her and to all that she gave me throughout my life.

I hope that you will find Bob LoGrasso Music an enjoyable experience. Come and see what I’m all about.

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